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Christmas Newsletter

I was a little proud of my holiday newsletter, which summed up the highlights of the past year without getting too boring or braggy (I hope). As I wrote it, I realized that my blogging buddies are so much more in touch with the things I’m doing than most people on my Christmas card list. (I may need to work on that this year.) So while I was going to post it here, it’s not really necessary.

Except... I have to share parts of it, because I just have to:
I had decided that the theme of this year’s newsletter would be togetherness, because so much that our family does — at least the important things — are interconnected. Excited, I pitched this idea to the fam, suggesting that we brainstorm and pen our seasonal missive. Erin saw the forced communication as a school assignment, and clammed up. Anna — the smart, funny one — succinctly listed events. Bill went into office mode, using the words cooperation and — I think — synergy. So apparently the one thing that we are not good at together is writing newsletters. But we rocked it in…

Shoveling Snow! Ah, Snowpocalyspe. Looks like we’ll miss a return of this kind of snowstorm over the weekend, but many of you will be getting a bit of snow, I hear.

Making Movies! I’ve failed to mention the TIVA Peer Awards won for “Liability” in writing, directing, and editing. Okay, that part is kinda braggy.

Hitting New York! And we are already planning to do this trip again.

Supporting the Arts! Apparently I haven’t been talking about my daughters’ various plays, talent show performances, and improv competitions. Or Bill’s audio show. Though I dare say you know a thing or two about MotherReader.com.

Restoring Sanity! “Our own sign spoke not to a liberal cause, but as an ironic call for something that we’ve been so lucky to have in our family: communication and cooperation. And a sense of humor. For all our togetherness, we don’t seem to photograph together — so our one family photo of the year would be… unique.”

To make the photo appropriate for the holidays, I lightly pasted on a tiny piece of paper with “Merry Christmas” over the sign. That still makes me smile to think of it. I wonder how many people will peel back the paper. Oh, well — Happy Holidays!

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