105 Ways to Give a Book

Cybils Nominees ABC Giveaway: The Letter W

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Willow’s Whispers
by Lana Button, illustrated by Tania Howells

Willow’s WhispersWillow has a lot to say — she just can’t seem to say it loud enough. When it’s time to speak up to get a seat at the table or the right kind of juice, Willow only manages a whisper. With her father’s unconditional support, Willow comes up with a solution. A handmade magic microphone allows her to find her loud voice — and also to find out that she doesn’t even need a microphone after all. The charming story is illustrated with simple cartoon characters against a white background, keeping the focus on the message. This book would be great in classroom and preschool settings, including storytimes, or with a special quiet child waiting to find that strong voice within.
Give this book with a Magic Mic or look for more Ways to Give a Picture Book or over a hundred other Ways to Give a Book this holiday season.
The Letter W

Book: Wake Up, City, by Susan Verlander

Book: Walk On! A Guide for Babies of All Ages, by Marla Frazee, or Night Walk, by Jill Newsome

Song: “This is the Way We Walk to School”
This is the way we walk to school,
Walk to school, walk to school,
This is the way we walk to school,
So early in the morning.

This is the way we wiggle to school…
This is the way we whoosh to school…
Book: Whoosh Went the Wind! by Sally Derby

Song: “Blow, Blow, Blow the Wind”
Blow, blow, blow, the wind
Gently through the trees.

Blow, and blow, and blow, and blow.

How I like a breeze!
Blow, blow, blow the clouds,
Blow them through the sky.
Blow, and blow, and blow, and blow.
Watch the clouds roll by!
Book: A Weekend with Wendell, by Kevin Henkes

Song: “Days of the Week”
(to the tune of “Oh My Darling”)

Sunday, Monday

Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Sunday, Monday
Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Book: Whistle for Willie, by Ezra Jack Keats

Alternate Books: Diary of a Wombat, by Jackie French, or Wombat Walkabout, by Carol Diggory Shields

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Storied Cities said...

All of these look like books to check out from the library for us! I have really been enjoying your selections and a bit sad the alphabet only has 26 letters.

Alison said...

Another good Christmas one is: I Wish to be be a Christmas Tree

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Other good "W" books...

Wow! Said the Owl by Hopgood

Whoo Goes There? by Ericsson

Charlotte said...

It seems to me that Winter books should be out there...but nothing comes to mind!

I love Whistle for Willie. A Weekend with Wendell, however, I find disturbing. Nightmarish, even.

Karen said...

"Hooway For Wodney Wat" by Helen Lester is fun to read with older kids.

bioluminescence said...

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas!

The Wide-Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulker is just begging for a group read aloud with the big pop-ups.

The best read aloud I used to do at a bookstore was Wild About Books.

I'm surprised I don't have a favorite whale book, since we love whales.

Amy said...

Wave by Suzy Lee is a super fun, wordless picture book.

and of course, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Katie said...

My preschoolers are learning about animals in winter. We started the week by reading "Animals in Winter" and exploring with some different stuffed animals.

Z-Kids said...

I second "Wave." I dearly love Suzy Lee.

- AZ

Anonymous said...

As a child, I always loved Bill Peet's Whingdingdilly about a dog who thought he wasn't good or special enough until after an encounter with a witch left him as a little bit of many animals.

Another favorite was Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss. It's fun to find all the things that are wrong in the pictures of that book.

Weslandia is great as well.

Sarah said...

I love these:
Diary of a Worm / Cronin
Wiggle / Cronin
What! Cried Granny / Lum
Mind Your Manners B.B. Wolf/ Sierra