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Nabeel’s New Pants: An Eid Tale
by Fawzia Gilani-Williams, illustrated by Proiti Roy

Nabeel’s New PantsTeenReader here, filling in for MotherReader to review the “N” book, Nabeel’s New Pants. It is the story of a man named Nabeel going to buy his family and himself some new clothes for Eid. He buys himselfs a lovely pair of pants — the only drawback being that they are four fingers too long. He is sure that he can find someone to shorten them in time for Eid, but that proves harder that he thought.

This book, aside from being a delightful embarkation into another culture, wouild be enjoyable to read at story time. Nabeel, after buying too-long pants, proceeds to ask his mother to shorten them. When she cannot, I was afraid it was going to become one of those books where the author fills page after page with the same dialogue and substituted names (a feat only achieved successfully in The Grouchy Ladybug). But it managed to pull away well before annoyance ensued and embark on the rest of what so many books lack nowadays: the plot.
This is a great book to read just for fun or to learn a bit about another culture. It would go perfectly with a sewing kit or a pretty set of bangles, or look for more Ways to Give a Picture Book or over a hundred other Ways to Give a Book this holiday season.
The Letter N

Book: The Gift of Nothing, by Patrick McDonnell, or Let’s Do Nothing! by Tony Fucile

Book: Our Nest, by Reeve Lindbergh, or The Perfect Nest, by Catherine Friend

Rhyme: “Little Birdie”
Little birdie in your nest.
Little birdie it’s time to rest.
When the sun comes out to play.
Little birdie — fly away!
Book: The Napping House, by Audrey Wood

Song: “Brother John”

Book: The Longest Night, by Marion Dane Bauer

Book: 1000 Times No, by Tom Warburton (If you’re feeling brave enough to try the numerous ways to say one word in many, many ways.)

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Storied Cities said...

I just read Natalie and Naughtily to my son who thought it was quite fun.

:paula said...

Wonderful job! Great reviews! (Hey can you fill in for me from time to time?)

I can never look at Nabeel's New Pants without assuming it's going to be some kind of slapstick thing. I guess I just think pants are funny.

Bridget R. Wilson said...

No by Rueda is a recent favorite and it's perfect for the season.

wmmahaney said...

We loved reading Tedd Arnold's No Jumping On The Bed.

Karen said...

The Napping House is always great fun!

bioluminescence said...

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed! I would definitely show the kids a photo of a real naked mole rat. They are SO weird.

Or No Moon, No Milk. That's a nice chorus the kids can chime in on. Lots of silly pictures too. :)

Sarah said...

Scaredy Squirrel at Night and How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night are great "night" books.

Z-Kids said...

"Newt" by Matt Novak is one of my favorite beginning readers.

Amy said...

I second Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed... so, so funny!

Mary Ann Scheuer said...

The N book I'm eager to see is Nini Lost and Found, by Anita Lobel. Just love the cover art!

Unknown said...

Naughty Little Monkeys by Ayelsworth is fun. I will definitely need to checkout Nabeel's New pants.