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Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat
by Susan Lendroth, illustrated by Kathryn Otoshi

Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning CatIn long-ago Japan, a cat came to the home of a poor monk. Though he had very little food to spare, he couldn’t resist the sweet cat and they shared a home. One night the cat was stuck outside in a storm as a samurai was riding seeking refuge. He saw her shape against the shrine, and with her paw raised it seemed that she was beckoning to him. He stayed that night with the gentle monk, and in gratitude bestowed riches on him and his poor village. This story of Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat, is apparently well-known as evidenced by the many, many tributes to the cat in statues made in Japan. It just so happens that I’d never heard it, and as such my mind is now blown because all I can see is instances of this beckoning cat image that I never realized were like, a thing. This particular picture book lays out the story very nicely, with expression and dramatic tension — and even a lesson in graciousness and gratitude. The illustrations are also lovely, with soft colors and gentle landscapes. The story would translate well not only to preschoolers but to early elementary kids as well, either in a storytime or one-on-one. Wonderful book.
It was when I started looking for a gift pairing for this title that I realized the prevalence of the legend. Try searching “beckoning cat” if you doubt me. Consider giving this book with an adorable bank or look for more Ways to Give a Picture Book or over a hundred other Ways to Give a Book this holiday season.
The Letter M

Book: The Grumpy Morning, by Pamela Duncan Edwards, or Good Morning Sam, by Marie-Louise Gay

Song:Good Morning Song

Book: Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do, by Eileen Christelow

Rhyme: “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”

Book: Jeremy Draws a Monster, by Peter McCarty

Song: “Horns, Fangs”
(sung to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”)
Horns, fangs,
knees and claws,
knees and claws.
Horns, fangs,
knees and claws,
knees and claws.
Eyes and ears and tail and paws.
Horns, fangs,
knees and claws,
knees and claws.
Book: The Magical Mystical Marvelous Coat, by Catherine Ann Cullen
(Man, I love this book.)

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Bridget R. Wilson said...

What a great story time!

I like Me & You by Holmes, Moose on the Loose by Wargin, & If You Give a Moose a Muffin.

Sarah said...

How about A NEW HOUSE FOR MOUSE (Horacek) and MUNCHA! MUNCHA! MUNCHA! (Fleming)?

Katrina said...

One of my favorites would be "Mucky Moose" by Jonathan Allen

Karen said...

I love "Moose Tracks" by Karma Wilson and how the kids get so excited when they can see the moose and I can't ;D

Charlotte said...

It seems to me that more mice are needed...Mouse Paint is a lovely one...and of course, If you give a mouse a cookie.

bioluminescence said...

The Monster Show by Charise Mericle Harper cracks me up. Also No Moon, No Milk...I may have to post it for N too. :)

Storied Cities said...

I like Moon Rabbit.

Kristen said...

I really love the Mouse and Mole books they're so cute! :)

Jan Markley said...

Looks like a lovely book!

Unknown said...

Make Way for Ducklings (Robert McCloskey) - classic!

wmmahaney said...

One of my favorite M books is now out of print, but it is called "Mike's House" a great book to read in conjunction with Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Z-Kids said...

"Mirror" by Suzy Lee.
She has quickly become my favorite author/illustrator.