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Ode to Mo

I have never participated in Poetry Friday before, given that I don’t gravitate toward poetry books to review and don’t write poetry as a rule. But in keeping with Mo Willems Week (soon to become formalized by Congress — like National Dog Bite Prevention Week), here is a little poem of my own. In honor of GottaBook, it’s in Fib form. Or at least I hope that it is.

You do
Taunt me so.
I’ll bet you’ve stopped by.
Don’t ask me why I guess such things,
But, instead, honor me with an email, a comment.
Would it help if I said that I liked Sheep in the Big City, penner of pigeon books?

All right, I know. Shameless. But you don’t get what you want by not asking. Or sometimes you do, but whatever.

For more on Poetry Friday, I’ll point you to Chicken Spaghetti, who generally keeps track of the participating blogs. As for me, after a week of Mo-related entries, I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress. Oh, one more thing. KIRIBATI!


Anonymous said...

Apples and Honey,
Could there be anything better?

Kelly said...

Funny, MR!

Greg Pincus said...

Most excellent Fibbery, MotherReader! A Fib plea-paean. Nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

A rhyming Fibonacci, no less. And Mo-related. Very nice.