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The 48 Hour Book Challenge: ON YOUR MARK...

Ready for a list of participants in the 48 Hour Book Challenge?

The players so far:Alternate challenge players include: Musings of a Lady is on the fence as of this writing, but might cave in to peer pressure. The PlanetEsme Book-a-Day Plan never really said she would play, so she is neither backing out nor on the fence. We’ll just wait and see. Sending their best regards are Book Buds, Gotta Book (who reminds me that he has never done a book review), Kids Lit, Readable Feast, and Semicolon. Unfortunately, Bookshelves of Doom and Outside a Cat had to bow out, though they may participate in the alternate challenge.

Anyone I’m missing? Anyone who now wants to play? Comment below with your link of where you’ll be posting your reviews. I did have a couple of people who were interested, but I couldn’t identify their blog from the information I had.

The final rules and game plan will be posted later this evening. I know, it’s hard to contain the excitement.


Anonymous said...

Am I nuts? Tomorrow is the last day of school! Well my reviews will be found at: http://maclibrary.libblogs.net/
It is the fun aspect, correct!
Happy Reading,

Unknown said...

I am doing the alternate challenge! You can see my goals here:


Thanks for organzing this.

AnnieM said...

I will be joining in. Finally a reason to try to cut down the pile before I go pick up more next week in New Orleans.


MotherReader said...

Glad that you checked-in, Annie. I had written Annie's Books on my paper list, but not a corresponding address and could not seem to find it. Now you're on the list, in all its glory.

Anonymous said...

Upon reflection, I think I am doing the alternate as well.challenge My goals will be posted on at: http://maclibrary.libblogs.net/
Happy Reading,

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do the very modified, very light, alternate challenge for casual child-lit bloggers. Posting at: http://lady-schrapnell.livejournal.com/

MotherReader said...

I updated the list from your comments. Happy reading.

ZG said...

I'm in! My reviews will be located at http://midwesternlodestar.blogspot.com/
Stack of books at the ready!


Little Willow said...

Count me in.

Cat Herself said...

Hi! I'm new here. I just found out about this when I saw GottaBook's post with his read-aloud list. I do occasional reviews and I will do all the reading and blogging I can do by Monday morning, even though I have to work both today and tomorrow (drat that great customer service we provide on Sundays!). My groanings can be found at: http://caterwauller.livejournal.com/