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Bye, King Dork

King DorkI liked this book. I really, really did. But I am glad that it is over. I don’t have the energy to tell you what it is about, so I am just going to put in some quotes from the book and hopefully come back later with a real review.

“The familiar monotony of standard, generic High School Hell, which somehow manages to be horrifying and tedious at the same time. We attended our inane, pointless classes, in between which we did our best to dodge random attempts on our lives and dignity by our psychopathic social superiors.”

“Still, Sam Hellerman’s peace of mind required that he limit contact with his parents as much as possible, as each enthusiasm stomped upon by the Ministry of Stomping on Enthusiasms represented a tiny missing piece of Sam Hellerman’s soul that would probably never grow back.”

“Ages ago, when the school system had more money and everyone was trying a lot harder to create the impression that Hillmont High School was more than just a clean, well-lighted place for hazing, they used to have a Jazz Band.”

And three of my favorite band names:
  • Tennis With Guitars
  • The Sadly Mistaken
  • Sentient Beard
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heyy i was wondering can u post all the band names on?? if not its okay but thankss