105 Ways to Give a Book

In a Roundabout Way

So, I was reading an email from my best friend, and he sent a picture of his new baby boy. I wrote back to say how very cute his baby is and also how he (my friend) is looking pretty good himself. I gave a brief update to hold us until our next phone call and mentioned the things I had done on my blog — namely the 48 Hour Book Challenge and the Mo Willems meeting post. My friend replied that he had seen both and that the Mo meeting was so me. The discussion of this post reminded me that a coworker had told the director of the agency that coordinated the Mo event about my description of said event. I begin to wonder if I had written anything “wrong” from that perspective, and went back to read it. I did describe the director as shooting daggers with her eyes while smiling, but I don’t think that is too bad. As I read the two posts, I came across the link to Mo’s website. Since websites aren’t updated like blogs, I don’t go back there very much, but with the link right in front of me it was as good a time as ever. And I discovered two things.

One, that Pigeon and Knuffle bunny ringtones are available for your cell phone. I am sooo getting “Let me drive the bus!”

Two — and more important (well, to me) — is that under “The Pigeon’s funny!” is a link to my article in Edge of the Forest, where I listed the funniest books for kids up to age seven. So, you can go to Mo Willems’ website, click on the link to the article, click on the link to MotherReader and come back to here. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

My web name is even the way I like it, with no space between the Mother and Reader. And I didn’t think I was important.


Anonymous said...

Well, now that you've mentioned me, or at least my email, I'm going to have to upgrade your status and subscribe to your RSS feed.

Sounds a bit like some sort of euphemism, does it? "I'd like to subscribe to HER RSS feed." [wink wink]

Talk to ya soon.

MotherReader said...

Baby, you can subscribe to my RSS feed any time you like.

Girl Detective said...

I loved your piece in Edge of the Forest. It perfectly captures something I've felt--complete fear and inability to buy other people good children's books--as well as the reminder of where my strength lies, which is in choosing books. I enjoyed your book suggestions, too, many of which are already in our home library.