105 Ways to Give a Book

It Starts With a Splash

I decided, in the spirit of summer reading, to start my 48 hours at the community pool. This may not have been a wise decision.

I began my reading at 4:00 in a lounge chair by the sparkling water. My children are old enough to be in the pool without me, and to actually prefer that I keep my distance, so I was pretty safe in my spot in the sun. I read for an hour and took a five-minute dip.

But then I ran into a new friend, and not wanting to seem rude, I talked to her instead of reading. For like an hour.

When her husband came, I excused myself back to my chair to read for another hour, but then my youngest wanted to eat the dinner they were serving at the pool that evening. “Blah, blah, blah, your needs,” I thought, but it was Chinese food, so we took another break.

Then, after we ate, we had to get back home. I read for another half an hour, before my friend came by to drop off a sleeping bag for my oldest’s slumber party guest. And okay, okay, I talked to her for most of an hour.

On the plus side, I wrote this entry and the one to follow it in about a half an hour, so I can fit in another book tonight.

My goal is to read the teen books that everyone has been blogging about, because I am never as excited to read books that have already been out there, but I want to read them because everyone liked them. I know, it’s a quandary.

So on my list are:If I am even going to have a chance of finishing them, I am going to have to get on the ball. No More Chatting!

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fusenumber8 said...

All YA novels I see.
I see that we won't have much overlap. Ha ha!