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Is It Good To Shave Your Eyebrows? No. Never.

Now I’ve mentioned before my surprise that the search “what wine goes with spaghetti” in Google brings up my blog. My blog. On books. I responded to this phenomenon by adding the answer, “It’s Red,” to the entry title so people wouldn’t have to look any farther for the answer. The poor people already thought my blog could help them on this topic. I had to do something.

Generally, searches that bring people here are pretty ordinary.

But not today. A new favorite: “is it good to shave your eyebrows?” It’s only been used once so far, but hopefully my answer in that entry helped. I was firmly against eyebrow shaving for any reason.

A strong favorite contender: “mo willems married.” Yes, he is. Oh yes, he is.
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web said...

I read that as SHARE your eyebrows.

Been reading _Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard_ a few too many times, I think.

BTW, how do you find out about the google searches?

MotherReader said...

I use StatCounter.com. Other bloggers use other statistics recorders. I don't know much about it as my husband set it up for me. It tells how many people have been on your site, and it has a keyword function, so you can see what searches have led to your site. I don't always look at them, but sometimes one just jumps out. Or, like the spaghetti one, is done so often that I felt compelled to follow up.

web said...

I'm so jealous... you're husband is geekier than mine.

Bill said...

I don't know if I should feel proud or insulted... ;-)

web said...

Proud, definitely proud!