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The Final Stretch

M or F?I’m at the end of my 48 hours with a last-minute book substitution. I had decided to read teen books that I had previously seen reviewed. But with only three hours left, I decided to take Bass Ackwards and Belly Up, by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, out of the lineup. I still want to read this, but it is too long to finish in the time left. I also jettisoned Over A Thousand Hills I Walk With You, by Hanna Jansen, because it isn’t a happy story, and I am not in the mood. It’s replacement was Fly On The Wall, and the last book of my line-up, the eighth book is... M or F? by Lisa Papademetriou and Chris Tebbetts. I had also seen this book in a review, so it still counts towards my goal. And, really, I needed something a little light about now.

Frannie and Marcus are best friends. More than best friends, Brain Twins. When Frannie admits her crush on a boy, Marcus wants to help her out. He starts her chatting online with the boy, Jeffery, with Marcus providing most of the banter. When Frannie is around her crush, she freezes and finds she has nothing to say. But Marcus is more than willing to keep her end of the conversation online, even when she is not around to know about it.

Marcus begins to develop a bit of crush on Jeffery himself — after all, they have such great flow online. Though Marcus is gay, he has no reason to think that Jeffery is. Or does he?

M or F? was cute and handled the gay issue in such a nonchalant, non-issue way. It was the perfect dessert for my 48 hours of reading.

I’ll be back tomorrow morning with my summary and a post where everyone can check in. Hope everyone had fun.
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Little Willow said...

I also enjoyed M or F? It was sweet, realistic, and well-intentioned. So much better than some of its contemporaries.