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Summer Book Club: Please Hold

Our videoconference with author Patrick Carman was awesome. He was so generous with his time and so very warm. The girls were very excited to talk to a Real Live Author — and so was I. Even more so after hearing that the book we were discussing, The Dark Hills Divide, had sold more than two million copies and was printed in twenty-seven languages! Gulp. He’s like an Important Author. Um, does he realize that we’re, like, not important?

He was fantastic answering the girls’ questions and I took lots of notes. After the interview, we had a great discussion about the book and some of his answers. But if it’s all the same to you — and I’m guessing that it is — I’m going to save the write-up for next Wednesday. It’s a lot to pull together and I want to do it justice, which I can’t really do today.

We’re taking three weeks until our next title because of conflicting vacations among the members. We decided on something fun and sci-fi — The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex.

For now, enjoy the July Carnival of Children’s Literature, hosted by Read. Imagine. Talk.. It’s the first carnival I’ve remembered to contribute to (barely in time, but still), so maybe I’m getting a bit of my mojo back. The carnival also seems to feature some newer blogs that I’ve been meaning to explore, so I’m excited to take a look. You go too.

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