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Clementine’s Letter

Clementine’s LetterNot that I didn’t expect it, but Clementine’s Letter, by Sara Pennypacker, is another home run in the series. This time Clementine is faced with losing her teacher to a program outside the school. Sure, the class will get another teacher, but it won’t be the same for Clementine. She and Mr. D’Matz are “in sink.” She mopes and complains, and then writes a recommendation letter that... well, doesn’t recommend. And all this while investigating new vegetable names for her brother, hosting an unauthorized yard sale, writing a book with her father, and buying her mother the best present ever. Clementine is back in force, trying to do good, but often not with the effects she hopes for.

Clementine books make me want to quote, because how better to sell these books?
Whenever my teacher needs someone to run an errand to the principal’s office, he sends me. This is because I am so responsible. Okay, fine, it’s also because I get sent so often I could find my way with my eyes closed.

Which I tried once. You’d be amazed at how many bruises you can get from just one water fountain.
I gave the first Clementine to my daughter’s third-grade teacher as an end-of-the-year gift. And last year I gave it to my daughter’s second-grade teacher. In fact, the book may go to every teacher that survives enjoys my Clementine-like kid. (I just now learned strikeout text. Oh, no stopping me now...)


Anonymous said...

I love the strikeout tag.

I also loved this book. I sincerely hope Ms. Pennypacker keeps writing them.

Anonymous said...

I've not read the new Clementine book yet. But I do love my strike key. I was going to prove it by using is, but Blogger wouldn't let me. Grrr.

EM said...

The Munchkin (age 4) luuuurves her some Clementine. My husband worries that we're putting ideas in her head . . . :)