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The Thursday Three XV

Where, oh where has The Thursday Three gone?

Well, at my new library branch, I’m not looking at all the picture books before they hit the shelves, and those first reactions were what formed the meat of my quick Thursday reviews. I suspect that as our library settles a bit — we’ve only been open for a few weeks — the new books will make their way through the children’s department and past my watchful eyes. For now, here are a few books that never got their day in the sun.

Danny’s First SnowDanny’s First Snow, by Leonid Gore
When a rabbit goes out in his first snowfall, he sees friends in the piles of snow all around him. But they turn out to be trees and such buried in the snow. The fuzzy art style makes it appear as if we’re viewing the illustrations through a sleet-encrusted window. Very nice. (Personally, I would have liked more description on the artistic process.) Gentle snowy-time book.

Me and My Dad!Me and My Dad! written by Alison Ritchie, illustrated by Alison Edson
Sweet simple rhymes chronicle the day between a daddy bear and his cub. (“My dad wakes me up every morning, like this — He tickles my nose and gives me a kiss.”) I like that the cub could be a boy or girl, because the text nevers indicates gender. I like the illustrations, lively with bright yellows and greens and blues. The artist makes the brown fur feel golden and so touchable. Lovely book for younger kids.

“I’m Not Scared!”“I’m Not Scared!” by Jonathan Allen
A little owl is out in the night and everyone asks him if he’s scared. Of course, he takes offense — you know, being an owl and all, and nighttime kind of like being his thing. The owl is a cutie, that’s for sure, and it’s a bit of a twist on other bedtime books since the owl gets tucked in at daytime. It doesn’t add much new as a sequel to “I’m Not Cute!” but a nice book to enjoy.


heather (errantdreams) said...

Awww, that last one sounds adorable!

Anonymous said...

I read that last one, and it's adorable. Given how hot it's been, snow looks good, too.