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Writer’s Malaise

So, I’ve been reading a decent amount lately, but I don’t feel like writing anything about the books. It’s not really writer’s block... more like writer’s malaise. And it’s not just reviews — I can barely write a coherent email.

My new job is partially to blame. The new rhythms and requirements have thrown me off my game. In the past, I did a fair amount of my kidlit blog reading in the quiet times at the information desk. But with a few weeks of books-to-shelves duties and then a few weeks of busy desk time, I wasn’t reading much online. The novelty of the new branch has worn off for the public, and now there are some quiet periods to check out my kidlitosphere friends, but I’ve found myself out of blog-reading practice. There are references to things I missed, certainly, but mostly it’s a loss of the habit of reading blogs. Does that seem strange?

Losing the habit of reading blogs and writing comments and drafting book notes, I’m feeling somewhat adrift. That clear head space I had hoped for in the summer is still elusive. Seemingly small jobs take forever. Tiny diversions become engulfing. And let’s not even talk about eBay.

I’m holding onto my summer book club tightly, as it is keeping me tethered to the online book world and to... caring. I am actually very excited that my book club will have its first videoconference with author Patrick Carman as we discuss The Dark Hills Divide tomorrow. What an amazing person he is to offer this opportunity to my Girl Scout Troop! I can only hope I don’t muck it up — though I am having someone else handle the technology aspect, since I would be likely to arrange it by waving a magic wand over my computer. Or in lieu of an actual magic wand, a mi Jam drumstick. We’ll be talking in the late afternoon, and I’m hoping to post the discussion that evening to keep up my trend of Wednesday Summer Book Club. Stop by and share your thoughts on the book. Or our snack. Or the wonders of videoconferencing. Whatever.

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Jen W. said...

I understand what you mean when you talk about the tiniest things becoming grand diversions in the summer! I just wrote about it in my blog entry today, as a matter of fact. Too many half-completed projects and the TWILIGHT series (all 3 books) in ten days. Yet, the weeds grow and toys are strewn everywhere around the house! I thought during my "teacher summers" that I would have a spotless abode and a weedless garden! And, all would be good in the world! :)