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Booklights and Thanks

This week I had planned on writing reviews of books from my 48 Hour Book Challenge reading, but I needed some time for blogging detox. I may be back this afternoon with one write-up, but it looks like everything else will have to wait for next week. I’m pooped, people.

Today I’m offering a three-part plan for developing reading skills during the summer at Booklights. Come on by and lend your suggestions. Not going to click through? I can break it down to:
  1. Make the Time (not Find the Time)
  2. Bring Home the Books (library plug)
  3. Mix It Up (reading time variety)
I also want to say thanks for all of your thanks. But don’t now thank me for my thanks to you for your thanks, or this will never stop.


Cathy said...

You do such an amazing job every year with the 48 hour book challenge. Next year I plan on participating. Thanks for all your hard work!

lakereader said...

All great suggestions! I find all my students K-6 love read alouds (especially books like Wilma Unlimited and The Man Who Walked Between the Towers). Reader's Theater is also great for the reluctant reader and helps with fluency. I like the reading lady website for scripts.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Sorry I missed the challenge. I found you too late! I wanted to share that this month I am devoting my blogs to books. Many of my picks are Children's Books, others are devoted to parents. Plus, I've got great contests and exclusive interviews, such as this one with Mo Willems:


I hope you will stop by!

James said...
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