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My Life in Pink and Green

My Life in Pink and GreenMy Life in Pink and Green, by Lisa Greenwald, was just the book I needed at this stage of the 48 Hour Book Challenge. Light and a quick read.

For Lucy, the family-owned pharmacy has always been a second home to her. Now a seventh grader, she even helps out with the workload. Unfortunately, as business has taken a downward turn, both the family’s finances and the pharmacy itself are in danger. But Lucy isn’t one to just give up, and tries to save the day with her love of makeup and the environment.

Lisa Greenwald does a wonderful job capturing tween insecurities and new crushes. With the characters’ involvement in the Earth Club at school, ideas for helping the environment are included naturally in the book. In fact, since Lucy gives information on makeup application during the book, and tips are part of every chapter title, girls can also come away with a healthy look at cosmetics, too. So in one book you get information on going green, looking beautiful, talking to boys, and taking initiative. That’s a bargain!


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I've been wanting to read this one-it's such a cute cover! I'll be sure to pick it up at my library.

Bibliovore said...

Oh yay! This one's been on my list--glad to hear it's such a fun one.

Lady S. said...

I've also been hearing about this a bit - nice to know it's light and fun without being too light and fun.