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The Fourth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge: Rules

48 Hour Book ChallengeOkay, let’s go over how it works. There are three changes from previous years.

First is that winners will be based only on time commitment, not number of books. So if you are heading into the 20+ hours club, track your time carefully.

Second is that time will be allowed for visiting other participant blogs, Twittering progress (be sure to add the #48hbc tag), or supporting each other on Facebook. For every five hours reading/blogging, you can add one hour of 48HBC networking. (Or if you prefer to think of it, one out of every six hours can be social time.)

Third, blogs may connect their reading to a cause. More details on this are available at the end of the rules.

Here are the basic guidelines:
  1. The weekend is June 5–7, 2009. Read and blog for any 48-hour period within the Friday-to-Monday-morning window. Start no sooner than 7:00 a.m. on Friday the fifth and end no later than 7:00 a.m. Monday. So, go from 7:00 p.m. Friday to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday... or maybe 7:00 a.m. Saturday to 7:00 a.m. Monday works better for you. But the 48 hours do need to be in a row. That said, during that 48-hour period you may still have gaps of time in which you can’t read, and that’s fine. (In the middle of the three different challenge weekends I’ve had to go to work, attend a ballet recital, and drive for a Girl Scout event.)

  2. The books should be about fifth-grade level and up. Adult books are fine, especially if adult book bloggers want to play. If you are generally a picture book blogger, consider this a good time to get caught up on all those wonderful books you’ve been hearing about. With the change in the way prizes are awarded, graphic novels can be included in the reading. One audiobook can also be included in your time and book total.

  3. It’s your call as to how much you want to put into it. If you want to skip sleep and showers to do this, go for it. If you want to be a bit more laid back, fine. But you have to put something into it or it’s not a challenge. Twelve hours is the benchmark for winning prizes.

  4. The length of the reviews or notes written in your blog are not an issue. You can write a sentence, a paragraph, or a full-length review. The time spent reviewing counts in your total time.

  5. New this year: You can include some amount of time reading other participant’s blogs, commenting on participating blogs and Facebook pages, and Twittering about your progress (remember the #48hbc tag!). For every five hours, you can add one hour of networking. This time counts in your total time.

  6. On your blog, state when you are starting the challenge with a specific entry on that day and leave the link to that post at the Starting Line post (via the trusty Mr. Linky).

  7. When you finish, write a final summary that clearly indicates hours — including partial hours — you spent reading/reviewing/networking, the number of books read, and any other comments you want to make on the experience. It needs to be posted no later than noon EST on Monday, June 8th. Also, check in at the Finish Line post on MotherReader that will be posted Sunday and please link to that post from your final summary post.
Many bloggers wanted to connect the 48HBC to a cause, but I didn’t feel comfortable choosing one for everybody. What I’ve suggested, for those who wish to do so, is to connect your personal readathon to a Greater Good of your choice. I plan to donate $1 per hour read to the fund for Bridget Zinn, and welcome others — perhaps those not able to do the challenge this year — to sponsor me. Other participants can contribute to this cause as well, or to something else that moves you. It can be based on sponsors, comments, books read, or something else entirely. You can also choose not to participate in this aspect of the 48 Hour Book Challenge, though you may find a way to support others’ efforts by leaving comments (if that’s what is being tallied).

If any other questions come up, please comment on this post and I will respond in the comments. Good luck, have fun, and happy reading!


Jules said...

I'm unfortunately going away for most of the read-a-thon for a birthday party, wedding and visiting friends. I have All of Friday and until 6 pm Saturday to participate. So I'm using this as an excuse to sit on my but and read all day. (Because I needed an excuse.)

Unknown said...

I thought I was going to be able to participate again, but unfortunately I just have too much to do and can't spare the time. Too bad, because I'd love to spend the weekend doing nothing but reading the delicious looking books I got at BEA. But I'll be following the progress and cheering you guys on. And since I can't participate, I'd like to sponsor you, MotherReader, and donate $1 to Bridget Zinn for every hour you read.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I'm working everyday during the challenge, but when I'm not working (and if I can while I'm at work!) I'll be reading. Luckily I have short shifts each day and I can listen to an audiobook in my office (I work at a library, so really reading should count as my job!) This will be my first year doing the challenge and I'm looking forward to it. I'm trying to convince my husband to do it too!

scb said...

I'll be reading when I can -- there always seem to be more things to do in a day than there's space in the day to do them, but doing ANY reading is almost more than I've been doing lately. I've had my stack of books ready and waiting since just after you announced the challenge -- I'm not interested in qualifying for prizes, I just think this is cool. I'll see how many hours I actually log!

military76brat said...

I just started the challenge! Wanted to keep you updated on my post!


MotherReader said...

Jules, that's the whole point - a good excuse to let reading be a priority. Enjoy.

Sheila, sorry you can't play this year, but thanks for the sponsorship. You rock!

GBTQ, I've had other big obligations during the weekend before myself, but part of the fun can be working around them. Welcome.

SCB, I hear you. I've been reading very little myself lately. I find the two months before school ends as the craziest, busiest time for me. I always look at the 48HBC as the kickoff to a summer mentality. Thanks for playing!

MilBrat, so glad you can read with us. I'll be checking in at the participants posts all through the weekend. Read well!

Shanni said...

I am up and ready! You can follow it on my blog and my twitter as well! My twitter is azshannon and my blog is below! WOO HOO! Here we go!


**And I don't know what the Mr. Linky stuff is about..so I just posted on my blog..:) hee hee

Bill said...

Shanni (and anyone else who's interested) -- "Mr. Linky" is the system for formally signing in on the official "Starting Line" entry. I've entered you on the list, but for anyone else who's reading and not sure what to do, make sure to go to that entry and enter your name and URL to the list!

Julie said...

I am looking forward to the gift of time to read!! It's been awhile since I've read for pleasure. Most of my reading has been professional books lately. I can't log onto Mr. Linky, so here's the link to my post:http://www.raisingreadersandwriters.com/?p=108

Terry Doherty said...

We'll be reading, but not at the 12 (hours)-and-up level. Add me to your sponsor list for $1.00 for Bridget Zinn for every hour you read.

Good luck!

The Book Resort said...

I'm jumping in, too. I'll do my best.

Luck to all!

Shanni said...

Got an update! http://shanniblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/update-48-hour-book-challenge.html

Shanni said...

p.s. Thank you Bill :)

Patti said...

I was hoping to participate this year, but have to work. Oh well! Next year for sure.

simply nerdy book reviews said...

uh . . . motherreader . . . i accidently forgot to tag my twitters . . . i think i may have skipped over all of the things in parentheses while reading the directions . . .

is that really bad? that i forgot, i mean?

Hopewell said...

I just found this via Melissa Wiley's blog. I had no idea it was going on, but read nearly all weekend--4 chapters to go on "The Good Earth," by Pearl Buck. In and around this I blogged, cleaned, cooked, napped, got sunburned, found a teenager who was slacking on his curfew and petted and fed 4 cats!