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Catching Fire

Catching FireI’ve spent the last few hours with this book, but it’s too late for me to write anything and still be careful to not give away any part of it. So, before I get some much needed rest, here’s a quick reaction to Catching Fire from my seventh grader, that I will now echo.

While she was reading and I was on another book, I asked her a question as she was on the last pages. She shushed me. I laughed. A few minutes later she closed the book and uttered the following:
Whoa. That got freakin’ awesome. The first part was boring, then about three-fifths in it gets exciting, but the last twenty pages are so exciting and amazingly... whoa.
Personally, I wouldn’t call the first part boring, but maybe a bit slow. I agree with the rest, but especially the whoa.


Franki said...

I picked up this book at our 48 Hour Shopping spree yesterday. It is my goal for the day. Hoping to go out on the patio and not be bothered for a few hours. We'll see!

Karen said...

And I'm so excited for Franki to finish it because I get it next!

So fun that you and your daughter were reading it at the same time!!

Have had a blast doing the challenge. will win no awards, but I love participating. Thanks for organizing and hosting.

Unknown said...

Will I make it to September? I need this book!

Liyana said...

Me too! I was like, closing one eye as I read your review. On one hand, I want to know even the smallest thing about Catching Fire. Oh the other hand, I want to read it for myself.

Decisions, decisions.

simply nerdy book reviews said...

haha that sounds like something i would say:)

i completely agree with Liyana on my . . . problems regarding this this novel.

i've only got 13 books read . . . i have about 9 hours left . . . im in the middle of my 14th book