105 Ways to Give a Book

Bargain Books for Holiday Shopping (or for You)

So with a million things to do last night, I turned to an old time-waster — hunting for bargain books at Amazon. You can browse — and buy — for hours. How so? From the Amazon Books department, choose the tab at the right that says Bargain Books. Then in the Browse Bargain Books list to the left, select Children’s Books (or whatever you want, I suppose). You’ll get an amazing amount of stuff that also includes anything from resellers. I’ve found that you can eliminate most of these by selecting — in the left-hand column — Shipping Option: Free Super Saver Option. Now you can browse by bestselling, publication date, or cost until you get sick of it. Or you can further narrow your search by choosing age range, price, rating, and subject.

Or you can skip the whole thing and rely on some of my suggestions of books I’ve heard good things about or have enjoyed myself. Buy quickly though, because they don’t always stay on discount for long. They aren’t always closeouts, because often the books will come back to the listings later at full price. I don’t know what that’s about, but I’ve seen it happen often enough.
I’ve also updated my links in 105 Ways to Give a Book, for those of you ready to start your holiday shopping. The list includes books along with toy or other gift suggestions to go with the titles. I’ll be reposting them soon — along with a new list or two for 2009.

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Lynn said...

I'm intrigued by the Do You Doodle book. I just bought something similar for a three year old's birthday recently, but I think my 5 year old nephew might like it for Christmas. For the same nephew -- do you think the Edwina book would be enjoyed by a boy who loves dinosaurs or is it too "girly"? Oh, did I just type that? My feminist "sisters" from my all-women's college alma mater are shooting me steely glances right now.

Peaceful Reader said...

Now those are some great deals-thanks for sharing! I do have the doodle book already and they are super cool!!

MotherReader said...

IB, the Edwina book isn't particularly girly - despite the pocketbook and pearls. (Not shooting steely glances at you.)

PR, thanks for the opinion on the doodle book. It looked too fun to pass up.