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Booklights, NaNoWriMo, and NYC (Redux)

Today at Booklights, I’ve got three great books for nighttime. One is sweet and lovely. One is silly and adorable. One is clever and funny (and a little bit creepy.) Go see, and suggest a nighttime favorite of your own.

NaNoWriMo has been bit of a bust for me so far, but I’m gearing up to tackle the second part of the month with more energy now that I’ve found it again. (It was behind the couch.) I’ve noticed the KidLitosphere seems a little quiet, and I wonder if more people are taking advantage of this month of writing than I thought. Or it could be all that Cybils reading is taking up a lot of time formerly spent blogging.

I’m going to start with some New York City stuff, and come back with my full-on State of the KidLitosphere speech in a separate post. Because I can. First, I must suggest the different charter buses from DC to NYC. They are an absolute steal. I’ve liked Washington Deluxe, but tried Tripper Bus this time because it left from Arlington. I didn’t think that the bus itself was quite as nice and you have to pay up front. But for forty or fifty dollars, you’ve got a round trip to the Big Apple.

On this trip, I was headed right to the library for our panel on the KidLitosphere and the Cybils. I felt disoriented at first, stepping off the bus in the city, and having to mentally adjust to speaking in front of people within about an hour. I thought that our discussion went well, and we all spent an additional hour after the session talking to authors and bloggers in attendance. While Betsy was finishing up work, I went shopping in the craft stores set up in Bryant Park behind the library. Got some gifts, too. Then we all met back up for dinner at a Spanish restaurant in the Village. (Tip: sit on the end next to the sangria pitcher and the waiter will fill up your glass far more than anyone else at the table.) The conversations of five, enthusiastic kidlit folk felt like that of twenty people. The concepts, ideas, suggestions, thoughts on all things kidlit- and blogging-related were flying. I couldn’t keep up. Well, except for the sangria.

At the end of the evening, Betsy and I send the commuters on their train rides home while we headed uptown. Betsy was kind enough to loan her futon for my Saturday night stay, but before bedtime there was still a lot more talking to do about blogs, books, and writing. And a little bit of agents, publishers, and screenplays too.

In the morning, I took the subway — all by myself — back to the Village to meet a long-time friend and her family. We had a great day together, with astonishing beautiful weather and — yeah! — another craft show. Then it was the bus ride back, which was less pleasant given that I just wanted to be home. That whole transporter technology can’t come soon enough for me.

I alway enjoy my trips to New York City, and am already thinking of when I can fit in another. I’ll definitely go for Book Expo America, but maybe before then too. Somebody plan something I can’t resist in January or February, okay?

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