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The holiday shopping has already begun in earnest, so let me point you to my suggestions for 105 Ways to Give a Book with updated shopping links. You'll find vetted books along with toys and other gift suggestions for children, teens, and adults. I'm working on new additions for 2009 and looking at making one huge list to make it easier to promote across the blogosphere. Stay tuned.

I'm talking turkey at Booklights today with Thanksgiving picture books. I went with my old favorites, so I'd love newer titles that you'd recommend. Head over to make suggestions in the comments.

Raise your hand if you were following the National Book Awards on Twitter last night. Me too. Well, at least for the Young People's Literature award. I was rooting for Laini Taylor as a friend and fellow KidLitospherer, but hold no grudges for the winner, Phillip Hoose for Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice. I am still happy for Laini for being nominated - a great honor - and for being able to attend the weekend's festivities as a guest of honor. We're all stinking proud of you, girl.

Speaking of Laini, her interview is up today at Shelf Elf as part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour. Here's the schedule for today. Go. Read. Comment.

Sy Montgomery (Part 2) at Chasing Ray
Laini Taylor at Shelf Elf
Jim DiBartolo at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Amanda Marrone at Writing & Ruminating
Thomas Randall at Bildungsroman
Michael Hague at Fuse #8

Tomorrow I'll have an interview with Pam Bachorz of the new, hot book Candor. Sure, I could link to the book, but I'd rather show you the gift she got from her friends - a purse made from the book. You can browse the craftperson's Rebound Designs catalog, or special order a title. I like the ones with great covers - like this Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature - but I'm also partial to my favorite book, The Hobbit. What I need is The Hobbit with an illustrated cover. Bam! said the lady.

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Suburban Turmoil said...

The Lord of the Rings trilogy remains the best "book" I've ever read- and I've read a LOT of books! I can't wait to read "The Hobbit" to my kids.

Kim said...

I had so much fun following the NBA on Twitter! With each click on my Blackberry I looked to see which award was being announced. It added a fun element of suspense to the award.