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Poetry Friday: Home (Again)

How’s 2009 working out for you? Not great, huh? You’re not alone.

I’ve had some nice things happen in this year, but for the most part it’s been a bumpy road. Things that have should have been easy had obstacles, things that looked like luck faded away. Everything seems to be a struggle.

What’s odd to me is that everyone I talk to seems to be in the same kind of muck. Family members with health issues, new jobs that are hard adjustments, school schedules that stink, projects that are overwhelming. I can’t think of anyone I’ve chatted with in the last few months who hasn’t given at least these last few months of 2009 an unqualified “Meh.”

Certainly the economy is a factor in a bad feeling. In my case, I haven’t talked to people who’ve lost a job — though many of them worry about their employment. Swine flu has taken down some friends and family, but not enough to make the impact I’m seeing around me. The anger and anxiety in political matters may be taking a toll, though no one has mentioned it specifically as they talk — nicely, gently — about being ready for this year to just be over.

It’s in that feeling of malaise that I’m bringing today’s stretch of a Poetry Friday entry. See, in July my fifth grader did a performance for a summer theatre program and knocked it out of the park. She’s going to sing the same song at tonight’s Girl Scout talent show and was chosen to close the show — a big honor when you consider that there are high school students performing as well.

In thinking about how this song hits everyone who hears it — including even the high school girls who choose the order of the show — I suddenly saw how well it captures this... thing I’ve noticed around. This feeling of being trapped by circumstance, of being unlucky, or being far from comfort. And in the song, the sense of hope in impossible situations. Watch it all, if you will, for the full impact or notice the lyrics and performance at the 2:30 mark:


Is this home?
Am I here for a day or forever?
Shut away
From the world until who knows when.
Oh, but then
As my life has been altered
Once, it can change again
Build higher walls around me.
Change every lock and key.
Nothing lasts,
nothing holds
All of me.
My heart’s far
Far away,
Home and
If you are having the kind of months or year I talked about, than let me remind you that nothing lasts, and nothing holds all of you.

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Anonymous said...


Elaine Magliaro said...

I think there are many of us traveling down bumpy roads this year. Fortunately, I've had some good stops as I've proceeded along my way.

Thanks for posting this video again. Your daughter has a lovely voice. I'm sure she brings you much joy. I'm happy to have a beautiful daughter too!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Things will get better. They have to, right? Your daughter has a fantastic voice. This song is perfect. Thank you.

Tabatha said...

Beautiful! She did a lovely job.

melanie hope greenberg said...

How great that your daughter wants to be in the theatre. Excellent discipline. She's talented!

I'm making lemonade out of lemons. There's also been nectar. It's a rollercoaster ride. No wonder I feel attracted to Coney Island. Even the downside seems to be a learning experience to polish my skills.

Liz in Ink said...

Oh, lordamercy that is lovely! Yes, I love the sentiment. And there is having kids like these to help smooth out the roughest times...
Be well...

Mary Lee said...

Here's to 2010!!

Anonymous said...

I was just about to log off my computer for the night when I thought, how about one more Poetry Friday link? Thanks for this one. Your daughter's voice is impressive!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Wow she is lovely & talented. Sweet hopeful song too. Thanks so much for sharing it!

This year has been so full of health issues for us. But we are coming out on top. At every turn we have been provided for & taken care of... Thanks be to God. The best is yet to come.

laurasalas said...

Thanks for sharing this. The lyrics are poetry, and the performance is full of hope. Just what we all need:>)

Sondy said...

Your daughter's awesome! Thanks for the encouragement! And as for NaNoWriMo -- any writing is good, right?