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A Whole New Level of Creepy

Just recently I wrote about books that make you go Awwwww. Who can resist those cuddly, wuddly, baby animals? And sometimes you see a book that makes you go Ohhhh. The illustrations in The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat garner that reaction from me. They are just that breathtaking. Hey, I’ve even seen some wonderful books about bugs, bats, or guts that have made me go Ewwwwww!

But this might be the first time a book has made me go Holy crap.

Looking for something a little different in the creepy, freaky vein? Maybe a little Nightmare Before Christmas meets Coraline. Maybe you fear that your children’s nightmares are just too unimaginative and you want to add some drama.

Thirteen O'ClockWell, then, have I got the book for you.

Thirteen O’Clock is James Stimson’s first book, having worked before on film animation (including James and the Giant Peach). He has put together a story of a little girl in a normal house... except that the clock in the house counts to thirteen o’clock. Apparently, when your clock counts to thirteen, all the little weirdo frights and ghoulies come out to scare everybody. Unfortunately for them, the little girl is too giggly to be scared, so they all go outside to play.

Throughout the book, the text is awkward, the rhymes and rhythms inconsistent, which makes it hard to read. But it’s the pictures, man, the pictures, that take my Weird-Ass Picture Books designation to a whole new level.


fusenumber8 said...

That's a Front Street publication, isn't it? Good old Front Street. They're the guys who brought us "The Magic Beach" in its original peculiar form. I'll grant them this, they're not afraid to take risks.

Little Willow said...

It is an odd little book, I agree.


Burton/Dahl Fan said...

Awww! Sounds delightful! <3 I'm 19 and I would read this for myself! lol I don't know what it is, but the adorably gothic/creepy calls my name any day. :)