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All Roads Lead AwaySince I’ve got editorial privileges over here, I thought I’d stick in a little notice to let readers know that the latest short from Tohubohu Productions, “All Roads Lead Away,” is now available for viewing over at our official website. Written by Barry Lyga, directed by yours truly and produced by MotherReader herself, the film is a great little road movie about a couple struggling to move on with their lives after losing everything.

So many people worked to make this movie happen (well, about 17, but thay all worked really hard), but I think one’s worthy of special mention here. MR’s too modest to ever brag about her own contributions, but I suffer from no such compunction — in addition to keeping the ship running, she was instrumental in our final casting, working out music licensing (i.e., she did it all herself), stepping in front of the camera when we lost an actress (though — ruthless bastard that I am — I did end up cutting her part from the finished film), helping provide a fresh eye for editing decisions, and perhaps most importantly, being a positive voice when it seemed like all I could do was see all our little shortcomings. (And it’s also worth noting that if she hadn’t attended last year’s Kidlitosphere Conference, I never would have met Barry in the first place.)

And, of course, she was right — despite all my fears, the audience reception at Friday night’s premiere was phenomenal, and really gives me hope that we’ll make the “Best of the 48 Hour Film Project” screening on May 29th. (And we’ve already submitted the film for consideration to the DC Shorts film festival, one of the premiere short-film festivals in the nation. No guarantee that it’ll get in, of course — they receive hundreds of submissions each year — but I’ve got a good feeling about it.)

So sit back, grab a tub of popcorn (or maybe just a bag — it’s not all that long a film), and give it a viewing. And if you like it, don’t forget to let us know (and spread the word)!


Vivian Mahoney said...

MR's part was cut out??? Awww...

This movie is really good. The actors did a great job with their bickering and I felt so bad for them.

Little Willow said...

Bookmarking to watch later! WOO!

Robin Brande said...

Few things will pull me out of my self-imposed cave-like, non-blogging, non-blog-reading mode right now, but a film put together by you guys and my pal Barry Lyga would certainly have to qualify.

GREAT job, Bill, Pam, Barry, all the actors, and everyone else involved! So totally pro, and completely unbelievable that you put it all together in just 48 hours. You must be SO happy with the result!

Congratulations, all of you. Well done!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mother Reader:

Congratulations on the film launch and on putting together a great blog--love the attitude and the breadth of reading suggestions you provide for all ages.

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Thanks for your consideration.

Megan Germano said...

Surprise, I tagged you for a Meme

Lindsey said...

Okay, now I'm depressed. But good job with the movie. Only problem I had was I couldn't hear the woman's voice sometimes.