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“All Roads Lead Away”

All Roads Lead AwayAt our screening last night we were able to show “All Roads Lead Away” in high definition — which looked awesome — and get lots of compliments from fellow filmmakers. Unfortunately, we did not take home any additional awards. While I am immensely proud of our film, I’ve learned not to be surprised by the judging. Sometimes a quirkier, but less sophisticated film wins. Sometimes it’s about “wow factor” — like if you have a team filming in Moscow while a crew films in DC. Impressive. Sometimes good acting seems particularly enhanced by the inclusion of many, many f-bombs.

Most importantly to us, Bill was excited about how many other directors and teams wanted to talk about our film, our story, and our process. It’s all good. We’ll continue to submit the movie to other competitions and make plans for the next film. I’ll bet that Bill will be putting up the winners with the links later at the Tohubohu blog if you want to see what won. Thanks to everyone for their support.


Bill said...

As MR predicted, I have indeed posted the award winners on our news blog. And I've also posted an extended version of our film at the official site — I'm in the process of crafting our final "festival edit," and would love everyone's feedback as to which version you prefer (or which elements of each version).

Just consider yourselves an online test audience.

MotherReader said...

Yes, and I believe that I'm in this longer version. But don't suggest that part be kept in for that reason - only if it works to advance or help the story. Really.