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Brief Interruption

Worldwide, things have pretty much sucked lately. The cyclone and flooding in Burma. The devastating earthquake in China. The fierce tornados in the United States. The food crisis in many, many countries around the world. It’s overwhelming in its tragedy.

Then there are the racist incidents that Obama backers have faced on the campaign trail. The horrible treatment of immigrants in detention. And — let’s say it — gas prices.

It’s times like these that the stories on Yahoo’s “Featured” tab have got to get me out of my funk. Usually it’s the content that can break the mood — the Dancing with the Stars results or the live-action Fraggle Rock movie option — but I’m happiest when the headlines themselves bring it home. Because what says it better than this:

Vatican: Belief in aliens OK

I don’t even care what the article says — I could die happy with that phrase alone. But then add the picture, which looks oddly like the pope is holding off an invading horde of little green men. The ominous shadow was actually cropped out at Yahoo. Can’t imagine why.

And there’s still more! At the end of the feature, the little magnifying glass symbol to indicate searches implores us to “Find the Vatican’s new sins list.” Is this the Where’s Waldo for Catholics? Hey, I think I see genetic modification!

What’s lightening your heart these days?


Andromeda Jazmon said...

Oh my stars. I am longing to be a lizard on a rock these days. One good thing for us this week: my oldest son is home from college. And the sun is shining today...

Jen Robinson said...

I'm not even Catholic, and the thing about belief in aliens pleases me. Thanks!

My heart was also lightened today by this post at Cynthia Lord's Journal.

Anonymous said...

What brightens my day is the Who Brought the Cat? photo. It always makes me laugh.


Bill said...

Find the new sins? I haven't even gotten caught up on the old sins yet.

tanita✿davis said...

That alien thing does crack me up. His eyes have such dark circles around them that ...okay. I won't go there.

I had to think about this one -- even though I'm sort of melancholic by nature, there's just so much. I'm happy I don't hate rain as much as I thought: I was kind of freaked out that we were moving to Scotland, and hey -- it's worked out okay. (I guess being a natural melancholic here helps?) Also the fact that I'm becoming to my niece the type of auntie I always wanted is kind of cool.

Jen Robinson said...

Just wanted to agree with TadMack that being an aunt is one of my very favorite things.

As for Scotland, well, at least in a rainy place, there's a culture of reading.