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May is my personal perfect storm, when all areas of my life need my complete attention. My obligations to kids, work, and home all collide with the force of a... well, something big. I find myself clinging to an internal checklist of events. 48 Hour Film Project? Check. Drama Club play? Check. Girl Scouts Awards ceremony? Check.

Sixth grader’s birthday? Almost check. Presents though, check. She’s getting some good stuff. Something electronic. A little Abercrombie — even though their email promotions creep me out. So much skin for a company selling clothes. A little jewelry — because what tween doesn’t need more earrings? And she’s getting a book she personally requested after reading the library copy. A book that she finished and immediately said, “We have got to buy this!” That book is The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex. I promise that soon we’ll be back with a co-review — or even a tri-review with my husband, who also loved the book.

You can win your own copy of The True Meaning of Smekday — with bonus Boov drawing — from the 48 Hour Book Challenge. Yes, it’s true: Adam Rex is donating two personalized books with an extra sketch for the prize packages. It’s enough to make my head explore. (That’s a “Smekday” joke.) There’s still time to sign up to participate, and also to donate prizes. (Sign up here and email me about prize contributions.)

For today, you can read his interview over at Fuse#8 as part of the Summer Blog Blast Tour, where dozens of authors visit blogs to talk about books.

Now as with most events, the ones who crash the party are like, totally the coolest. C’mon, we’ve all seen Wedding Crashers. So tomorrow you can check out my interview with Kelly Bingham, author of Shark Girl. Totally off the schedule, totally off the hook.


MotherReader said...

Happy Birthday Angel Girl!

Jules at 7-Imp said...

happy happy to your daughter!