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Poetry Friday: Search Poetry

I haven’t played in my StatCounter keyword analysis for a while, but it’s always so much fun. I found an older poem that I put together with some favorite searches in the Diamond form. I was originally inspired by the form of a OULIPO, a poetry challenge at Miss Rumphius. I think the searches are so funny, and yet so telling at the same time. That’s why I love ’em. The first one is from a while ago, the second one I created today.
Mo definitely
adult readers theatre
100 top grossing breads
funny story on being teachable
preschool books about boyfriends, girlfriends
teenage group personality quizzes
seven animals in one picture
Kadir Nelson knock off
BACA members

Yarn bugs
Pigeon pajamas
Attack of Literacy
Condescending forgotten poem
Stop dressing your daughter like a slut
Weird and wacky poems for kids
Land of Little Horses
Poems in spanis
Baca logo
My favorite searches are “Mo definitely” and “Condescending forgotten poem.” I can’t even imagine what that second one means, but the Mo definitely is right on target. Check out the Poetry Friday round-up at Big A, little a.


tanita✿davis said...

Seven animals in one picture!? And ...spanis. Hm. It sounds like a lunch meat, yet a language...

Sara said...

I think it's cool that people are searching out the BACA logo.

Maybe "poems in spanis" is a cutoff of poems in Spanish?

MotherReader said...

I'm pretty certain that spanis is a cutoff Spanish, but I really like the idea that it's a lunch meat. "Poems in lunch meat." So surreal.

I decided not to include my personal favorite search string, "octopus in ass." I hesitate to even type it here in case it brings up similar searches. It does make me laugh though, so it's probably worth risking more odd searches it just to a have a record of that phrase forever and ever.