105 Ways to Give a Book

Extra Winners

The official winners of the 48 Hour Book Challenge have been announced here — um, obviously — and to make it super-duper official, at Read Roger. Apparently one School Library Journal blogger wrote about it, and I suspect our own Fuse#8 may have a thing to say about it herself. You know she moved, right? She’s all comfy-like in her new digs at the School Library Journal site and getting paid to blog. Wow, does that phrase have a nice ring to it.

But back to business. While I am assembling the prize packages for our contest winners, I did want to send out a few prizes to random participants just for playing. I used the highly touted “have a kid pick random numbers and find those on the official list” method. Then I went to the selected blogs and did a little digging around to (hopefully) best match the prize choices with the blogger. So here we go.

Chapter Eighteen wins a personalized signed copy of Rickshaw Girl from Mitali Perkins.

Miss Rumphius Effect wins a personalized signed copy of A Girl, A Boy, and a Monster Cat (available June 21st!) from Gail Gauthier.

Lessons from the Tortoise wins a personalized signed copy of The Dark Dreamweaver — with T-shirt — from Nick Ruth.

The Hidden Side of a Leaf wins Robin Brande’s something-that’s-not-chocolate give-away since I saw the photo of her TBR pile, and it seems as if no more books are needed at this juncture.

Saints and Spinners wins a personalized signed copy of Lissy’s Friends — with Lissy doll — from Grace Lin, by request of contest winner TadMack, and agreement by me, for Alkelda’s rough start in the contest and subsequently funny post.

Prize winners, please send me an email and let me know where we can send your prizes and how you want the dedication written.

Authors, thank you so very much for your contributions to the 48 HBC.

Tomorrow will be for giving props for the donations to the winners prize packages. I’ll also make a special announcement about how you can meet at least three kidlit bloggers and at least one cool author before the end of June. Intrigued? I’ll open with the information tomorrow.


Saints and Spinners said...

Thank you! I'm moved.

Tricia said...

Woo-hoo! I NEVER win anything. Can I say that I'm stoked! I know that William will be thrilled too. Can we have the book made out to him, a first-grader in the making?
Thanks bunches!

tanita✿davis said...

I never win anything, either!
That's why this is so funny/embarrassing. I did so poorly last year that I didn't expect to place, even.

I, too, am stoked!

Dewey said...

Ha ha, I surely don't need an avalanche of TBR mountain!

And do I get to choose anything in the world that's not chocolate??? In that case, I believe I'll take Brad Pitt. Thanks Robin! ;)

Email is dewpie at gmail dot com. I think I missed something -- what's the dedication?