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48 Hour Book Challenge Begins

48 Hour Book ChallengeDid I mention that the 48 Hour Book Challenge is officially started? Well, it’s ON, people!

Contestants, make sure that you’re listed and linked in the sidebar. Start at will (or continue reading, since I did say you could begin at 7:00 a.m). Remember to end with a final summary of books read, hours spent, and total page count.

I will continue to accept prize offers through the weekend. I’ll group items together for fun gifts for the winners — which will include some contestants picked at random. I’m not going to put in links this time, but so far there are original drawings from Matthew Holms (Babymouse illustrator) and Mo Willems (Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny author/illustrator). There are signed books from Mitali Perkins, Gail Gauthier, Sara Lewis Holmes, Grace Lin (plus Lissy doll), Bonny Becker, Tanya Lee Stone, and like two people I’m forgetting. There are T-shirts from Threadless and Dark Dreamweaver. There is jewelry, framed photography, a handmade journal, a Tibetan prayer flag, and a stuffed frog cell-phone holder. A picture-book editing/consult session is available. Robin Brande will send something sweet. Roger Sutton will say something funny. Gift cards may be involved.

But I’ll remind you that while stuff is fun, the best prize of all is the chance to make reading your highest priority. Let the reading begin!


Andromeda Jazmon said...

I am at the starting gate....

and I'm off! Like a herd of turtles, as we say in our family.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I would like to participate. For some reason it wasn't letting me leave a link last night.


Bill said...

Flinn --

Your blog should now be added (I'm taking over maintenance duties so MR can read). I've also made a few other corrections, but everyone be sure to let me know if anything else is incorrect!

-- Bill (the Editor)

Dewey said...

Oh boy. I found out I had been refreshing the permalink for the original announcement and wondering when new info would come! Silly, silly me.

I started this morning at 7am. I'm going to go check out cloudscome.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to participate, starting at 1pm today. Good luck, everyone!

Bookliness is next to Godliness

Vasilly said...

Okay, I'm game! I'm so excited. My blog is 1330v at blogspot dot com

Mary Ann said...

is it too late to get added? - I plan on starting tomorrow. I added a comment minutes ago at the original post. Blog is Libr*fiti at librarygrl.wordpress.com

Beth said...

Said journal (and coffee cozy!) is IN THE MAIL.

I walked into the yarn shop in town (next door to the coffee shop, owned by the yarn shop's husband, where I and my laptop and pile of books have a date tomorrow) to hang up summer reading posters this morning and she tackled me at the door with "come look, come touch, we just got a shipment in!" I gave her a hug and a raincheck and bolted. So at some point tomorrow I have to take a break from reading and go pet yarn. I'm starting at 8am tomorrow, reading as far into Sunday night as I can, and posting my wrap-up before 8am Monday.