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Really, It Figures

I may have a cold.

Having made it through the winter with minimal illness, now on probably the busiest weekend in recent history, I’m blowing my nose constantly. I’m not happy about this. It seems somehow unfair.

But whatcha gonna do?

Indigo BlueFinished Indigo Blue, by Cathy Cassidy. It was all right. I had liked her first book, Dizzy, and had the nagging feeling during my reading of Indigo Blue that this book was a sequel. It isn’t, but it had such a similar feel.

Indie’s mom has finally had enough of her boyfriend, and moves Indie and her toddler sister out and to a dodgy area of town. Her mother has clearly been abused by Max, and she tries to keep him out of their lives. But he doesn’t want to let go of his family that easily. Indie struggles with her friendships at school and her new unfortunate circumstances. As her mom loses her ability to manage basic parenting tasks, Indie finds a lot on her shoulders.

I liked the book fine. There’s nothing wrong with it that I can point out. It just didn’t wow me, and I vaguely recall liking Dizzy a lot. Though that book had a hippie parent, and as a former hippie kid, I can relate.

Well, I’m way behind schedule, so I’m going to hit the books. Right after a tall glass of orange juice.

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