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So Very Very Hot

Ohmigod. I don’t think I have ever been this hot. The Sing-Along was fun, and it was definitely warm outside. But afterwards, we took the Metro home; about forty minutes’ ride with rush-hour-like crowds — except all young girls — and no air conditioning.

No. Air. Conditioning.

I know I’ve got to get back to reading, but first we are headed to the pool so I can submerge myself in cool water until I feel close to normal again. At that point, I will pull up a chair and read.
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Emy said...

Consider this...I don't have AC in my house. Yes, I'm quite aware that for the most part, it's not that bad. But there are a handful of days, maybe 10, each summer where it gets up to about 100 degrees. No, it's not humid. But when it gets that hot, it also gets that hot INSIDE THE HOUSE. I swear, it actually feels better to go outside at those times. It's just wrong on a number of levels to have your thermometer say that it's 101 in your living room.

CindyD said...

It was very hot and humid here in north central Ohio on Friday, but much cooler and pleasant yesterday, so I hope better weather is coming your way, too! Only problem is I lost reading time due to clear skies - see my blog for explanation!