105 Ways to Give a Book

Looking Back at 2008

As I looked back over my blog year to find my favorite literary posts of 2008 for the December Carnival of Children’s Literature, I realized a couple of things. First, that my favorite posts weren’t about books. I’m not sure what that says, given that this is supposed to be a book blog. And second, that I haven’t reviewed very many books. Again, perhaps a problem for a book blog.

I decided that my favorite book posts were actually series of posts — ABC Storytime, which I expanded to include holiday storytime books, and Twenty-One Ways to Give a Book, which totaled more than a hundred ways in five posts and was an enormous amount of work.

Other than those series, I enjoyed looking back at my take on the Kidlitosphere Conference with its many and sundry links. While I liked the many author interviews I conducted this year, there is a special place in my heart for the informal chat-style one with Caroline Hickey and Sara Lewis Holmes.

It was a political year. Remember? Because it seems ages ago already. I certainly wrote about it enough. My favorite post was part of the fantastic Blog the Vote initiative, and focused more on my desire for an inclusive society rather than my Obama-mania.

There were big projects.

And funny stories.

And blah days (which I tried to keep light).

And periods of reflection and resolution. And even reflections on resolutions.

The next year will bring new WAPB titles and a new venture. It will begin with a Cybils shortlist that I helped create, just as last year did. Oh, and so much more is in store. So much more.


teacherninja said...

Looking forward to it! Thanks, tn

Boni Ashburn said...

Oooh, I can't wait for a new WAPB list!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

happy new year!