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10th Carnival of Children’s Literature

The weekend is a great time for a carnival, don’t you agree? I held off on plugging the wonderful Carnival of Children’s Literature hosted in January by Big A, little a until I figured everybody had forgotten about it. And then BAM!, I send out this reminder, and you realize that you never finished getting through all of those posts, one of which is my post on Hattie Big Sky featuring a lengthy comment from the author. I mean, the Newbery Honor Award-Winning author, Kirby Larson.

I can also safely announce that I will host the next Carnival here in February. I’ll shoot for a submission date of February 15th and upload on February 20th. I just have to figure out how to actually do it. You may submit a stellar post to my email (click the button at the bottom of my blogroll) or at the Carnival site. But give Melissa from Here in the Bonny Glen a little time to set that up.

I’m not going to set a theme, as February is full of them without my picking just one. So, send your posts on love, Black History month, presidents, or groundhogs. I’ll take them all.


Melissa Wiley said...

Pam, thanks so much! You're all set at the BlogCarnival site now. Submissions should be forwarded to you starting today. I'll be in touch with more details soon.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the link, MR. I'm so happy you're hosting the next carnival!!!