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10th Carnival of Children’s Literature

The weekend is a great time for a carnival, don’t you agree? I held off on plugging the wonderful Carnival of Children’s Literature hosted in January by Big A, little a until I figured everybody had forgotten about it. And then BAM!, I send out this reminder, and you realize that you never finished getting through all of those posts, one of which is my post on Hattie Big Sky featuring a lengthy comment from the author. I mean, the Newbery Honor Award-Winning author, Kirby Larson.

I can also safely announce that I will host the next Carnival here in February. I’ll shoot for a submission date of February 15th and upload on February 20th. I just have to figure out how to actually do it. You may submit a stellar post to my email (click the button at the bottom of my blogroll) or at the Carnival site. But give Melissa from Here in the Bonny Glen a little time to set that up.

I’m not going to set a theme, as February is full of them without my picking just one. So, send your posts on love, Black History month, presidents, or groundhogs. I’ll take them all.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the link, MR. I'm so happy you're hosting the next carnival!!!