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Doodling With Mo And Jon

I’ve made a conscious effort not to draw attention to particular posts at Mo Willems’ new blog. I gave him his own section in my blogroll — Just for Mo — and I visit every day, like a good blogfan should. But today I can’t resist highlighting his post of him and Jon (Jon who, you ask? Read the post.) making a large picture with his daughter. As I commented, it made me feel like I was there — and not in that creepy looking-in-the-window kind of way. Anyway, very cute — give it a look.


Mo said...

Glad you liked.

(I notice your 'not stalking' heading only has one entry...)


Nancy said...

Yes, I saw that too. It seems a bit like "I'm not a stalker. I'm not a stalker. I'm not a stalker ... "

Greg Pincus said...

I'd point out that I keep asking MotherReader to stalk me, but to no avail.

MotherReader said...

But in my defense, there is no "Stalking" label.

I'm saving that for you Greg, when your book comes out. ;-)