105 Ways to Give a Book

Lisa Yee, Fusie, and KT

Yes, yet another day wherein I review no books at all. Not a one. Kinda makes you wonder what I’m doing here. I ask myself that every day.

Out and about, Wonderful Things are going on. The results are in for Lisa Yee’s contest. Funny stuff. I was highly in favor of Green Eggs and ’Nam, especially because the name itself was the main joke (as opposed to the description). I liked Mr. Brown Can Poo, Can You? for the same reason, so it’s not like I’ve got some sort of intellectual bent.

My BFF Fuse#8 is back in town with excellent posts on her Newbery Experience (good band name) and her take on the awards that are not Newbery. She is also profiled on the Seven Impossible Things blog with a fabulouso interview. I’ve mentioned that S.I.T. is doing interviews of bloggers and authors, right? Well they are, and the first two — of themselves and of Liz from A.C.A.F.A.A.T.C. (that is the worst acronym ever) — were very interesting. I’m on the list to be interviewed also, and not because I begged... Not only because I begged.

While you’re over at post of the Newbery Experience (or maybe a drink name), check out the comments. KT (whoever that is) has questioned the authority of the Cybils judges and the judging criteria themselves. She mentioned checking out blogs where she “found some mean spiritedness and some inarticulate criticism,” and that can mean only one thing. She read Tulane Readers Theatre.

Anyway, mean-spirited is so ten years ago. I’d prefer snarky, because it’s hip to be snarky (possible new Huey Lewis song). I also wonder about her comment, “If we are to take your awards seriously, we must know that you are serious persons with a serious way of evaluating the books.” This sentiment concerns me — being that I am not a serious person — so we might want to keep my judging role on the down-low.

And worrying about a serious way of evaluating the books is totally going to put a dent in my Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo strategy.


Elaine Magliaro said...

You just can't stop yourself from using that word "Mo" as often as possible, can you?

I kind of like the Eeny Meeny judging method. Takes away all the pressure of having to read the books.

Liz B said...

Winner of worst acronym ever...hhmm. Do I get a t shirt with that?

I've been doing "tea cozy" instead of typing out The Longest Name in the Blogosphere, What The Hell Was I Drinking?

Anonymous said...

A blog without book reviews? I thought you were here to blog for bloggings sake ( and to entertain us) and that book reviews were simply a broad topic to keep you from wandering afar (although I like your wanderings.).
Silly me, when you mentioned your Eenie, Meanie method of judging, I thought it was a veiled reference to always picking MO (Williams)stuff. :)
That is an awkward acronym.. did you know Stevens Institute of Technology is located in Hoboken, NJ and students like to refer to it as Stevens Hoboken Institute of Technology?

Anonymous said...

That's right, baby, you're on the list. I can't wait to find out what your favorite curse word is.

Thanks for the mention!

Nancy said...

You gots to be you.

Mary Lee said...

Glad to hear Liz thinks of herself as Tea Cozy...that's what Franki and I have been calling her since forever!

Anonymous said...

i'm late in responding, but just for the record and 'cause we always like getting noticed by you, we use the acronym 7ITBB. handy, eh? has a nice look to it.

looking forward to your interview responses,

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Jules... S.I.T. is kinda cute. And very memorable. We maybe should switch.

Bkbuds said...

Phew, I have gone and defended the uncredentialed among us who dare to judge kidlit. My own judging criteria include "who has given me the coolest graft in the past year?" and "did they include a nice note?"

But really, I judge books by their covers.

Can't wait to see your 7-Imp interview either. (Personal aside: How hard did you have to beg? I want one too. Do I have to send them graft, or do you think a nice note will do the trick?)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Anne, that's a good one too. 7-Imp. Like a slightly evil version of the 7 dwarves. And we'll happily take whatever graft you choose to send, but we totally want to interview you anyway. Maybe sooner rather than later, since we sent MR her questions like a week ago and haven't heard anything back yet. Ahem. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that 7-imp has a nice ring to it actually. And it would certainly save me some time to be able to write Tea Cozy (as an aside, my mom, who reads my blog posts via FeedBlitz, told me that she liked Tea Cozy - not sure if she's actually visited, or just like the name).

As for you, MotherReader, I would be very saddened if you were to stop being snarky. Not everyone can pull it off, but those who can, should. My two cents anyway.