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Hi, Kirby Larson — Author of Hattie Big Sky

Oh, man. Kirby Larson came by with her comment on Inviting Discussion on Hattie Big Sky... and God and you missed it! Actually, it’s not your fault (as we say in my house, “not reeeeally”) since I didn’t give you the heads-up. Here is part of her response:
My goal in telling Hattie’s story was to tell it as true as I could. And Hattie does believe in God, partly because she’s a product of her time, partly because of her own life experiences, and partly because of my own life experiences. So, because she believes, her faith was part of the story. It was as important to include as was Traft’s complexity, Perilee’s loyalty and Mattie’s chattiness.
Since she commented in a different place than the original post, I took the liberty of pasting her comment in at the end of the original discussion. Or is it the end of the discussion? You are certainly welcome to add your input, and I will feature this post again (some would say “even yet again”) during the 10th Carnival of Children’s Literature. If you haven't signed up yet for the Carnival, time is running out. Get over to the site or to Big A, little a and do your duty for the kidlitosphere. Kelly has also just posted her review of Hattie Big Sky today. Coincidence? Actually, yeah.
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Very cool that the author came by to comment.