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Over at Scholar’s Blog there will be a Blog Book Discussion Group that will begin in February, with the book King of Shadows. In Michele’s words:
It’s a combination of fantasy and historical novel — and I found it totally gripping. Discussions will be over on the Scholar’s Blog Spoiler Zone and will begin on February 6.
She also mentions the less dramatic cover you’ll see through Amazon rather than through her site. Funny story. I had a copy of the book on a shelf behind my desk, but I was sure it wasn’t the right book because the cover was so completely different from the one I saw on Scholar’s Blog. But apparently it is indeed the same book, and I will be participating in the book group.

I wish I had more time to wax poetic over Michele’s idea — because I think it’s fantastic — but I have to get ready to talk to my Girl Scout troop about cookie sales and other fun things.
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Michele said...

Thanks for the mention MR !

Yep, it's the same book with a far less eye-catching, dramatic cover (and this is from someone who's not terribly interested in book covers as a rule !)...