105 Ways to Give a Book

Strange Dream In The Edge Of The Forest

The King of the Creeps called to Emil and Karl. “I know that we were Counting on Grace,” he said, “but it looks like that Sweet Thang has failed.”

“You know I will not let you down, your highness,” said Emil, “I see Your Eyes in Stars, I daily sing your praises, Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You to the ends of the very...”

“Enough already! Your syrupy phrases are enough to make me crave The Loud Silence of Francine Green, and nothing’s worse than a mime,” said the king.

“A Klepto is,” muttered Karl under his breath, as he watched Emil pocket a small sculpture of a Black Duck.

“I’ve called you here to announce to the world at large that the new Edge of the Forest issue has arrived, with reviews of ten books in Twentieth Century YA Style, among other fine interviews, reviews, and articles. The Aftershocks of such marvelous works of writing will be felt far and wide,” said the king. “Let everyone know that the issue is ready for the people!”

“It shall be done,” said Emil, as he and Karl bowed and walked out of the room.


Michele said...

Very, very clever !

Little Willow said...

Great article, great variety!