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Cool Things Other People Are Doing

Today, Seven Impossible Things posts their interview with Roger Sutton, Horn Book editor and blogger at Read Roger.

Uber-blogger Defective Yeti is still accepting new, updated cliches to replace the old, worn out ones. I know there are some writers out there who could go to town on this idea, so go forth and submit.

Fuse#8 scoops me with her reviews of the new Mo Willems early reader books. They sound good, naturally.

I thought I’d be discussing the picture books for the Cybils awards, but there have been no emails from the other members of the group. Maybe there is some group posting problem. Maybe I’m wrong about when we were discussing the books. In any case, I have interview questions to both write and answer (but not answer the same questions I wrote), and I need to lend my assistance to another blog where I thought I’d be doing some posting.

Or maybe I’ll just take a nap.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, MR, thanks for the mention. And you can take your time on our interview, if that's the one you're needing to answer. We've got another one almost ready to go, so we can let you slide another week if you're super-busy.

If you aren't talking about our interview, though, I need to maybe find out a better email address for you...

Anonymous said...

Hi, MR, your post last week about awards and Fuse 8's post about the awards. It gave me a topic to write about from a library pov at Check It Out. I have been rotten at posting in a consistent manner, can't seem to get the weekly news about the library up since I got back from break.