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Today I’d like to take some time to highlight some of the fantastic things going on in the blogs all around me. And not because I’m too lazy to write my own post. Okay, not entirely because I’m too lazy to write my own post.

I’ve always been impressed with the huge number of author interviews that Little Willow has on her site, but I’ve never mentioned it. So, I’m mentioning it now. You can see the whole list here. I also never mentioned how much I liked her book list of Tough Issues for Teens. Particular kudos for the rating system, which I find very helpful with this topic.

On an entirely different note, Lisa Yee is running a contest on her site with some of the most hilarious results. Honestly, you will laugh as you read these entries. The rules are:
  1. Think of a title from a children’s/middle grade/young adult book.

  2. Change the FIRST LETTER of ONE of the words to make it into a whole new title.

  3. Then add a sentence describing the new book.
I entered this:
Little Souse on the Prairie
Ma, Laura, and Mary finally come to terms with Pa’s drinking problem.
Not sure you’re the funny type? Then hop on over (this would be so much funnier if you realized that the html address is “bunnyplanet”) to a re-post of an old favorite from Blog from the Windowsill and tell her which children’s book you’d like to live in.

Now, you’ll either get this immediately or you’ll have to follow the link to appreciate it. Either way it’s pretty clever. There’s a new ringtone available for download. It’s John Cage’s 4:33. Get it? Follow the link if not and look in awe at the workings of minds more creative than ours. (Thanks to BB Blog for the link.)

Not funny enough? Then read the best Christmas wrap-up I’ve seen so far over at Defective Yeti

Still not enough? Then let me award my new favorite phrase from 2006. The phrase that I believe has the staying power to work its way into our daily lives, if we just give it a chance. The phrase is “kibbles and bits.” The context from Go Fug Yourself:
It takes a brave woman to expose her kibbles and bits to the elements like this. I would be worried that I might take a drastic case of Nipple Hypothermia, and you know, once one of those falls off, it’s almost impossible to get it back on.
If you follow the link, you’ll see the referred-to dress and, if I’m not mistaken, some kibble.

As it turns out, it would have taken far less time to review a book after all. Who knew?


web said...

I hate cell phones, so that sounds like the perfect ringtone.

Anonymous said...

"some kibble." you so funny.


Little Willow said...

You are too kind. Thank you, thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I entered. (and I cheated)
"Green Eggs and Spam"

Nancy said...

I got on a roll yesterday and submitted a bunch of ideas to Lisa Yee's contest. So much fun!

Just added my thoughts to the "what book you'd like to live in" question as well. I'd like to live in "From the Mixed up Files..." for a while. Hide in the john, play among the statues, pick up loose change in the fountain...

ZG said...

I went a little nuts with Lisa's contest, too. Reading all the entries is a hoot!
Oddly enough, the first book I thought of as a place to hang out for awhile is "The Boy Who Looked Like Lincoln". I think I could spend some serious time at Camp Whatchamacalit.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I checked out you're right. Little Willow's list is impressive. Lisa Yee's contest is a howl. Although how I can possibly think of something funnier than what is already entered is beyond me.

Magpie said...

Coca-cola came out my nose when I got to the John Cage ringtone. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

my god, that defective yeti wrap-up was funny.