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Newbery Hopes and Not-Newberyish Selections

It’s almost Newbery time again, and A Year of Reading is starting off the predictions round-up. I’m feeling lazy, so I’ll let Franki say it:
[Listed are] our top 5 hopes/predictions along with other chapter books of the year that we’ve loved. Since we started our blog with this Newbery goal, we’d love to do a round-up of everyone’s Newbery predictions/hopes. If you post your Newbery predictions, let us know in the comments and we’ll do a round-up in about a week so we have it up and ready before the Newbery is announced on January 22.
I am not even going to hold it against the Year of Reading blog that both of the blogwriters put that Tulane book on their lists. But you won’t see it on mine. My predictions/hopes for the Newbery, with links to my reviews, are:
  1. Yellow Star
  2. Gossamer
  3. Shug
  4. Hattie Big Sky
  5. Weedflower
And five other chapter books that I loved, but that don’t seem Newberyish, are:
  1. Clementine
  2. Toys Go Out
  3. The Year of the Dog
  4. Flashcards of My Life
  5. Happy Kid!
I’m seriously rooting for Yellow Star. It blew me away. Really. Read my review. But the others were also solid, great books. I feel a little bad at the lack of “boy” books in my list. There may be some good contenders, but I didn’t read them.
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Nancy said...

Ha! I had a feeling you'd mention Tulane.

Jenny Han said...

Oh, MotherReader, how I love you so. You've been very kind to Shug, ever since the day she was born!

Erin said...

I agree, Yellow Star was magnificent.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read Clementine because I bought a copy for my classroom and the kids won't let it go. It is being passed around like crazy. Clementine and Ivy and Bean are huge with my 3rd and 4th graders. I'll have to get Clementine back for a day to read it myself! Glad to see it on your list. I worry that some of the Newbery picks are very YA sometimes.

Anonymous said...

MotherReader...my twin's email is down but she is always so happy to see you and Erin and your fellow bloggers mention YELLOW STAR!

You have great taste in the other choices as well. (I particularly liked Shug, too...) Julia DeVillers (Jennifer Roy's twin)