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Five Interesting Things Looking Back

My good friend Liz tagged me with the Five Interesting Things meme. Now I have done this one twice. Once as a biography and once in a series of connections between books and things from my 100 Things About Me List.

But being a meme whore, I’ll do it again — with a twist. I’ll give you five things about me as evidenced by posts from the last year (all of which are among my favorite posts).
  1. I’m a pretty cool mom (and write a great post title — “The Coolest Mom, The Smallest Weasel, and That Bitch, The Tooth Fairy”)

  2. I make short films — for like, a hobby.

  3. I can be quite brazen. (“You’re Mo Willems,” I said cleverly, since famous children’s book authors often forget their own names.)

    1. No, really.

  4. I have amazing faith in people to respond to me — whether I propose a kidlitosphere-wide challenge five months after starting a blog, or that a famous, talented author will answer my ridiculous questions.

  5. I am cosmically doomed and irony-prone.

    1. But I hope that’s part of what makes me funny...

    2. ... if indeed, I am funny. (But now the coverage of the [Nobel Peace Price] is just insane, and I can’t even pass a Hallmark without seeing the Pinter tea light holders left over from last year.)
Now, I’ll alter the meme (can I do that?) and send it back out there. The meme is now Five Favorite Posts. Find your own five favorite posts of the past year and link to them. It can be breaking a story, making a story, a nice piece of writing, a review you felt great about, or anything you want to show from the past year. Fuse#8 was already thinking of doing that, so I totally tag her (my favorite line from Fuse#8 is probably “pint-sized Buster Keatons”). Then how about some highlighted posts from Blog from the Windowsill, Chicken Spaghetti, Gotta Book, and Original Content. If anyone else wants to join in with their favorite posts of the year, I highly encourage it. It’s a great way to force you to look back over where you’ve been over the past year, and maybe give you ideas for where you’re going.
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fusenumber8 said...

"Pint-sized Buster Keatons", if I'm going to be totally anal.

So I've been tagged, eh whot? Alrighty. I'm off of work tomorrow which, ironically, means I'm less prone to post regularly but for you, babe, anything.

Anonymous said...

Got home from work to read your new post and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the link to "The Coolest Mom, The Smallest Weasel, and That Bitch, The Tooth Fairy". Since I was not so good at blogging on April 6, I had not yet discovered your blog so I missed this post completely. As the mother of small children and someone who loves a great story, I LOVED the post. So glad I got a second chance to catch it. What a great way to start my weekend:-) Thanks!

MotherReader said...

Fusie, Of course, "pint-sized!" I'm changing it now to reflect the complete beauty of that phrase. I'm glad for the correction.

Franki, you made my weekend with your praise. That may be my favorite post I've done. It's certainly my favorite title.

web said...

Why... why... I'm so touched. Or are you just hoping I'll pick all my posts linked to you? ;-)

Nancy said...

This was a fabulous and funny response MR, which is no more than I'd expect from you.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Spaghetti is in the house.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Franki totally beat me to the punch. I loved "The Coolest Mom, The Smallest Weasel, and That Bitch, The Tooth Fairy." I couldn't stop laughing...I've experienced all of them. Funny how it's downright hysterical when someone else recounts their horrifying tale. Love your blog.