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Born on a Blue Day

Born on a Blue DaySomehow I skipped putting this post up about my Saturday reading.

I’m not sure where I originally heard about this book, though I suspect it was People magazine. (Hey, a girl’s got to have a little light reading sometimes.) I had put it on hold and it came in right before the contest.

The full title will explain everything. It’s Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autisic Savant. The book was extremely interesting, and I enjoyed reading it. Okay, review done.

How can I leave you like this? Because coincidentally, Wendy from Blog from the Windowsill was reading the same book at about the same time and I’m going to direct you to her post.


Well, yeah. But I don’t have much longer in this contest, and I’ve got to start cutting corners.

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