105 Ways to Give a Book


EggsMaybe I’m not clever enough, but I don’t really get this book, Eggs, by Jerry Spinelli. It reminds me of Lowry’s Gossamer. At least the boy and the grandmother’s relationship does. Then put in some strange characters, vague plot, and mix together. Of course, part of the problem may be reading it in the last hours of my reading time after being up most of the night.

The basic story is that of a boy whose mother died in an accident. He goes to live with his grandmother, since his father travels so much. The boy, David, believes in his heart that if he can just follow all the rules in life, his mother will come back for him. However, he doesn’t follow his grandmother’s rules to make sure that they never get close. Along comes Primrose who connects with him in an unusual way. She’s a notorious rule-breaker and a girl on the edge. The two become thick as thieves, though they fight like brother and sister. Eventually both will have to drop their anger and find someone to hold onto.

Strange book. Interesting, but strange.

Last book read for the challenge, but I’ve got a few reviews to write. That will teach me to put off my work.


Dewey said...

My final summary is up here.

I wish I could spend this afternoon going around to the blogs of people still reading and cheering them on, but I have soooo much work to do!

Little Willow said...

Oh no. I say that because I did not care much for Gossamer. I like Lowry's older works more than her recent (GBG series, etc) - I love Number the Stars and praise it to the nth degree, I adore the Anastasia books, and I particularly like Rabble Starkey.

I'll be updating my 48HBC post @ Bildungsroman shortly.

Sarah Miller said...

It's not just you -- I didn't get Eggs, either.